Primate Ayodele predicts outcome of presidential elections, issues warnings

The Head of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, on Monday, revealed the result of the official decisions in Kenya, Senegal and Angola.

In an explanation by his Media Helper, Osho Oluwatosin, Primate Ayodele gave a knowledge on what ought to be generally anticipated in the political decision while likewise offering profound guidance to competitors on the most proficient method to win the political decision.

In Kenya, Primate Ayodele uncovered that Raila Odinga ought to escalate endeavors in his mission on the off chance that he doesn’t believe DP William Ruto should overcome him.

The righteous man uncovered that he sees Ruto raising astonishments that will undermine the triumph of Odinga in the political decision.

Primate Ayodele likewise noticed that there would be emergency and brutality in the political decision since it would be extremely intense while encouraging Ruto to assemble his home as he has everything necessary to win the political decision.

He said: “In Kenya, Raila Odinga should not yield in his political exertion; if not, William Ruto will get it. Odinga should in any case restrategize regardless of the way that he is by all accounts more famous. He should be cautious, as I see Ruto raising shocks upon the arrival of the political race. There will be emergency and brutality in the political race since it will be exceptionally extreme. Ruto has everything necessary to win the political race if by some stroke of good luck he takes care of his business.

“There will be some misrepresentation in regions where Ruto has tremendous possibilities, yet he has everything necessary to win assuming he assembles his home.”

In the approaching parliamentary decisions in Senegal, Primate Ayodele uncovered that there would be a pack facing the president in the event that he didn’t change his strategies.

The righteous man made sense of that there would be endeavors to guarantee he didn’t have a larger part in the parliament.

“In Senegal, there will be endeavors to guarantee the president doesn’t get a larger part in the parliamentary political race coming up in July. In the event that the president doesn’t change his strategies now, he won’t have a greater part, and it will cause emergency for him.”

In Angola, he cautioned the residents to ask against losing the prompt previous leader of the country while uncovering that there will be an alliance against the occupant president in the approaching political decision, which can unseat him in the event that care isn’t taken.

“In Angola, let them implore not to lose the country’s previous president, and in the approaching political race, there will be a serious political decision between the occupant and resistance. Assuming the president permits the alliance to neutralize him, he will lose the political decision, yet in the event that he functions admirably and does the needful, it will be hard for the alliance to unseat him.”

Primate Ayodele cautioned a few other African presidents to watch their wellbeing as he predicts a wellbeing emergency that will compromise their lives.

“The leader of Benin Republic, Patrice Claw will have weakness and fatal infection that will shake his administration. I likewise see bits of gossip about his passing spreading. The leader of Malabo ought to petition God for his wellbeing. Congo Brazzaville should ask against losing an unmistakable character in the country.”

Likewise talking on ECOWAS, Primate Ayodele encouraged the pioneers to neutralize overthrow and uncertainty in African countries while spreading the word about it that a few Juntas won’t have any desire to permit change and that one of them will change himself into a non military personnel president.

“ECOWAS should deal with overthrow and uncertainty in African nations. Instability will deteriorate one year from now and a portion of the Junta won’t have any desire to go, one of them will change himself to a non military personnel president.”

“Uganda, Rwanda, DR Congo, South Africa ought to implore against line emergency. How about we ask we don’t encounter floods in nations that poor person experienced it in the previous years.”



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